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Dear Current Camp Families, Alumni, Staff, and Friends,

A fabulous little volume called Morry Stories: Memories of a Summer Camp Legend was published just a few weeks ago.   It's a collection of stories about Morry Stein, who directed Camp Echo Lake for 30 years, a beloved man of rare charisma, a unique human being who inspired all his campers and staff as well as everyone in the camping profession.  Morry touched so many lives and made so much impact in his short but memorable 58 years.   The book is funny, touching and very illuminating - a terrific tribute to someone truly unforgettable.  It is the brainchild of Jennifer Leventhal, whose children attend Echo Lake and whose husband went to Echo Lake and it is truly a labor of love.   


Among the contributors are Echo Lake alumni Jeff Ackerman, Laurie Rinke, Jerry Herman, Dawn Ewing, Alan Nadel, Laurence Glickman, Glenn and Terry Begly, Renee Pearl Sigler, Donna Kerness Teichner, Evan Jacobs, Lon Babby and Linda and Jason Quitoni.  There are many more, too, of course.

To order your very own copy go to:  It's a delightful read.  The $50 cost goes directly to Project Morry.   Your purchase will support the oh, so promising boys and girls who are the beneficiaries of this wonderful philanthropy.  We love to use the numbers 9, 12 and 100 in describing all 400 of them.   They are all committed to Project Morry's 9 year program.  Our program mentors them 12 months a year and fully 100% of them graduate from high school!  Yes, we feel very proud of what we and they are able to accomplish due to your generosity.

Thanks, much love to you all.  Let us know how much you enjoy the book when you get it.  We are so very happy about it.

 Amy Medine Stein